Research Certificate

Starting Fall of 2016, a Research Certificate in Psychology! Receive recognition for conducting research in psychology with an extra accreditation added to your diploma.

What it is

This is an embedded certificate program designed to provide graduating undergraduate students with official recognition for substantial engagement in research, in collaboration with faculty members, or other academics, over the course of the Bachelor’s degrees. Both Arts and Science psychology majors, as well as non-psychology majors are eligible. The certificate attests to the student’s research experience and research skills, above and beyond the students’ transcript and Bachelor’s degree.

Research is at the core of the Psychology Department at the University of Alberta. There are many options for students in Psychology to engage in novel supervised research. These research experiences, (i.e., individual studies and thesis courses) involve working under the mentorship of Faculty. Conducting research allows for the development of in-depth knowledge of psychology and many valuable real-world project and data management skills. Specific courses, which focus on research methods, are also a requirement for the certificate, as is a final presentation at an academic conference.

It is not necessary to apply for, or register in the Research Certificate in Psychology in advance. Rather, students earning the certificate complete the courses and requirements below and apply for the certificate when applying to graduate.

The certificate is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the skills most useful and valued for career paths. If this certificate appeals to you, you may wish to consult your academic advisor for advice on how best to approach potential research supervisors.

See the calendar description and list of requirements below for more information!

A Research Certificate in Psychology will provide an opportunity for students to engage in authentic and focused research while pursuing their program. Normally a student will be able to fulfill the requirements for this certificate as part of their degree; some students may need to complete more than the minimum number of credits required in order to qualify for both the degree and the certificate.

Here is more information about the requirements for the Research Certificate in Psychology.