Continuing Research Activities

Many of our researchers are responding to the need for new information and knowledge created by the pandemic. Other researchers and graduate students are able to continue their important research activities addressing the rehabilitation science questions supporting our broader community. Learn more about these ongoing research activities and how you might contribute to this impactful work.

COVID-19 related studies

PI: Dr. Bill Hodgetts

We are currently collaborating with the Project Adult Literacy Society (P.A.L.S.) to create resources (e.g., online training) for their tutors and students. These will be rolled out in phases and paired with online surveys.

We are also working on a general survey of the COVID-19 impact on individuals with reading disabilities. 

For information about this study (but not for recruitment purposes), contact Amber Ostevik at

PI: Dr. Doug Gross

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way rehabilitation is provided. Within two weeks of stopping in-person rehabilitation services in March 2020, WCB-Alberta shifted to remote delivery of assessments and treatment. The current study will use WCB-Alberta program evaluation data to describe initial experiences with remote service delivery, with a special emphasis on work assessment.

For information about this study (but not for recruitment purposes), contact Doug Gross at

Distance recruiting for existing studies

PI: Dr. Cary Brown

Neurodevelopmental Disorders (BNBD-NDD) is an eHealth program to support parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) who experience sleeping problems.

We are currently evaluating this program using a randomized controlled trial and are recruiting Canadian parents of children ages 4-12 years with CP, ADHD, ASD and FASD.

Contact ndd.betternightsbetterdays.cafor more information and sign up to participate.

PI: Teri Slade (faculty supervisors Dr. Christine Guptill and Dr. Doug Gross)

We are holding interviews around pain, particularly in relationship with gender (approximately 1.5-2 hours).

Eligible participants are ages 18-64, self-identify as having pain, and speak English. All gender identities are welcome. Participants receive a $10 gift card. U of A employees are welcome but aren’t eligible for the gift card.

Contact Teri Slade by email at or phone 780-492-0894.

Ethics # Pro00098205.