Patients and Participants

The research groups at CORe are looking for patients to participate in various studies. Patient participation in studies allow researchers to gather data for their research areas that can translate into improved clinical care and outcomes for patients.

Current research projects needing participants:
  • Edmonton Scoliosis Interdisciplinary Research Group

    The Edmonton Scoliosis Interdisciplinary Research Group is often recruiting research participants for research projects. Topics of research include:

    • Understanding the causes of scoliosis
    • Who is at risk of getting scoliosis and needing further treatments
    • Evaluating treatment outcomes
    • Developing novel tools to improve treatment and patient safety

    Participating in current research projects

    Patients or healthy individuals who are interested in participating in any of the trials listed below should contact Kathleen Shearer at or 780.993.6224.

    Current research projects

    Multicentre Schroth Exercise Trial for Scoliosis (Multicentre SETS study)

    The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of adding a six-month program of Schroth Scoliosis-specific exercises to standard care consisting of supervised weekly visit to a certified therapist with a daily home program (30min daily).

    Eligible patients are females with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, incomplete skeletal maturity as determined during a visit to the Edmonton scoliosis clinic and scoliosis curves between 10 and 45 degrees and living within an hour radius from Edmonton.

    Please see the documents below for further information:

    Project description for parents and scoliosis patients, with consent and assent forms.
    Letter to doctors describing the study and requesting an ad to be posted in their waiting rooms.

    Ultrasound scanning
    Can ultrasound be used to measure your curve?
    Can ultrasound replace an x-ray for some curves?
    Can an ultrasound help design a better brace?
    Can an ultrasound tell us how correctable your curve is?

    Brace monitoring
    How does the wear time and tightness affect the success of your brace treatment?

    Smart Brace
    Will adding inflatable pads to better regulate the applied corrective pressure improve your brace success?

    Back Muscle Fatigue
    Does having scoliosis make a difference in time for your muscles to fatigue?

    Spinal stiffness
    Does having scoliosis cause your back to be stiffer?

    Photographic study
    Can taking a picture with a standard camera tell us if your scoliosis is changing?

    Surgical Monitoring
    Will tracking pressure on the skin during surgery keep you safer?

    Monitoring nerve function during surgery
    Is the new system better than our current practice?

    Recovery after scoliosis surgery
    How can we best help you?

    Support for Scoliosis Patients and their Families

    Please visit the Scoliosis Alberta events page for a listing of support activities, as they become available. To express your interest in becoming involved please contact the Scoliosis Alberta committee by email at