Lister Residence

Residents in Lister are first year students from Canada and around the world and are supported by student staff members in upper years of study. Some live on specialty floors with students in their faculty or with others who prefer quiet or substance-free floors. These residents play campus intramurals, learn to write papers, watch movies in floor lounges and grab meals together—all right in their residence home!

Lister students are immersed in a community atmosphere sharing their day-to-day lives and connecting to others with the same interests, classes or program. They quickly make friends that become a family and can last a lifetime. 

Welcome to the new Henday and Mackenzie Halls!
Lister Residence is a dynamic complex that includes Henday and Mackenzie Halls which are newly renovated. The renewal encompasses a complete overhaul of the interior with new mechanical and electrical systems, new washrooms, new flooring, lighting and furniture for the common areas and student rooms. The exterior will be regraded with new windows, solar panels and roofing.

Who lives here

First-year undergraduate students and student leaders as well as returning and delayed second year residents (see below).

Lease types

8-month contracts matching the academic term schedule. The meal plan is included in contract fees.


Lister Residence consists of:

  • Schäffer Hall
  • Henday Hall (newly renovated)
  • Mackenzie Hall (newly renovated)
  • Thelma Chalifoux Hall (newly opened in 2018)
Unit types

All students will be assigned a private, lockable bedroom (no double occupancy).

Returning and delayed residents (see above) will be prioritized for rooms with private washrooms. Remaining applicants will be assigned to rooms with shared washrooms, with capacity limits in place following guidance by Alberta Health Services.

Cohort and lifestyle floors

Interested in customizing your residence experience? You can apply to live on a themed, academic cohort or lifestyle floor in Lister.


  • Resident Assistant staff (RAs) trained for after hours on-call duties and individual resident support
  • The Marina convenience store and food court
  • Lister Dining Hall (meal plan)
  • Study libraries
  • Communal kitchens
  • Laundry facilities
  • Exercise facilities
  • Music room
  • Gymnasium
  • TV lounges


Room type Contract length Total rent* Meal plan Total contract amount
(room and board)**
Single unit with shared washroom
New and newly renovated halls: Henday, Mackenzie and Thelma Chalifoux
4 month $4,924.00 7-day: $2,529.50 7-day: $7,453.50
5-day: $2,208.00 5-day: $7,132.00
Single unit with private washroom
Schäffer Hall
4 month $3,840.00 7-day: $2,529.50 7-day: $6,369.50
5-day: $2,208.00 5-day: $6,048.00

*All rates are subject to change, including meal plan values. All published rates reflect current values, and any approved changes are posted as soon as possible. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rates and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.

**Wireless internet, heat, water and power are included with rent as well as the orientation program. 

Units are furnished with a bed frame with a twin mattress (XL) and drawers underneath, desk, closet (for each student), desk chair, wastebasket and mirror. Single rooms also contain a dresser. Units in Schäffer Hall also have a private washroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Note: some residents may be assigned rooms designed for double occupancy

Orientation program

The best part of residence is the community, and it all starts with orientation.

Winter Ascent

Join welcome home hangouts and other fun events, and start your new year off right with the Winter Ascent orientation program.

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