In order to manage the risks and liabilities inherent in volunteer activities, university faculties and departments should follow these guidelines:

  • All volunteers must be registered by means of a Volunteer Registration and Waiver of Liability form (links at right), which clarifies their duties, reporting relationship and duration of their volunteer service. This form also provides the volunteer with information about liability and insurance matters.
  • Departments registering volunteers are responsible for ensuring that the volunteer receives adequate training, including safety training where appropriate, for carrying out their duties.

Additional Information

Where appropriate, volunteers are to be reminded that the university does not provide insurance coverage for personal vehicles. Volunteers who will be driving their own personal vehicles should be advised that they are responsible for providing their own insurance.

This information does not apply to volunteers with student clubs or the Students Union, which operate independently of the university.

Faculties, departments, research projects/work and university activities requiring volunteers should complete a Volunteer Waiver of Liability request form to have a waiver created specifically for their activities.

Alternatively, groups may download and use the Generic Volunteer Waiver Form (PDF). Fields describing the volunteer duties and contact information for the researcher can be pre-filled in Adobe Reader before printing or you can print a blank copy and fill all the fields by hand.

The original form is to be kept on file by the originating department for a minimum of five years for insurance purposes. A copy can be provided to the volunteer if they so request. In the event of an incident, the Office of Insurance & Risk Assessment will request this form from the department.