Before You Apply to the MBA/MLIS

The MBA/MLIS is a dual degree program, therefore students must meet the entrance requirements for, and be admitted by, both programs. There are limited enrolment numbers and admissions to both programs is competitive. Students interested in applying are encourage to begin working on their application well in advance of the application deadline(s). Please note that students in the online MLIS are not eligible for the MBA/MLIS program.

Applicants are evaluated by the MBA program on a rolling basis. Once a complete application package is submitted the Alberta School of Business conducts an interview with the candidate. Generally applicants will receive a decision notification one to two weeks after the interview. See the MBA/MLIS website for more information.

MBA Entrance Requirements MLIS Entrance Requirements

Entry Routes

Students can apply to the MBA/MLIS in one of two ways:

  1. Apply Directly to the MBA/MLIS.
  2. Apply during the first year of the MLIS program. 

Apply Directly

Students can apply directly to the MBA/MLIS, which requires one application form. The application will be received by both programs. Administrators for both programs will consult regarding admission to the combined degree program.

All supporting documentation for both programs (MBA and MLIS) should be submitted to the Alberta School of Business. Students admitted to the MBA component of the program will then be forwarded to the SLIS office for admission to the MLIS component of the program.

Apply During First Year of the MLIS

Currently attending on-campus MLIS students can apply to switch to the MBA/MLIS during the first year of their MLIS program. Current students interested in changing to the MBA/MLIS are encouraged to discuss that with their Faculty Advisor and the Graduate Advisors in Education Student Services. 

For students already admitted to and enrolled in the MLIS program, the Alberta School of Business requires a full MBA application, including supporting documents, by their established deadlines.

Application Dates + Deadlines

Application Dates and Deadlines will vary depending on the entry route, and whether or not students are domestic (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) or international. 

MLIS Dates + Deadlines MBA Dates + Deadlines