MLIS Online Option

Our online Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program was launched in 2013 and is designed to allow students to pursue a course-based masters degree on a part-time basis. Learning is asynchronous, which allows students to fit their studies around their existing work and home schedules. There are no residency or citizenship requirements for students in the online program. 

The Online MLIS is delivered entirely online and is ideal for students interested in distance learning. Students are not required to come to campus at any point during their studies. 

MLIS Program and Admissions Requirements 

The online and on-campus MLIS offerings have the same program requirements and admissions requirements.

The minimum program requirements for the online course-based MLIS is 13 courses (★39) and a capping exercise.

About Online Learning

Online courses are taken asynchronously (i.e. there are no scheduled class meeting times). Students are expected to be online everyday, to work independently as well as collaboratively in small groups, and be willing to learn new technologies. Small group discussions are an integral part of the online experience. Online learning is demanding and students should expect to spend between 12 to 15 hours per week engaging with course materials, reading and responding to fellow classmates, and completing assignments.

Courses are available in three terms:

  • Fall Term (September - December)
  • Winter Term (January - April)
  • Spring/Summer Terms (May - August)

The majority of our courses are offered during the Fall and Winter terms. Because this is a part-time program students may take a maximum of two (2) courses per term, for a total of six (6) courses (★18) per calendar year.

Other Information

The Online MLIS is designed as a part-time program to be completed within six (6) years. The exact amount of time it takes for completion will depend on how many courses you choose to take in each term. Many online students will complete their program in three (3) or four (4) years. Because the online MLIS is a part-time program it is not possible to complete the program in two (2) years or less.

MLIS students will learn the same course content regardless of delivery mode, and our professors teach both online and on-campus courses.

Applicants apply to either the online or the on-campus MLIS offering. If you wish to be considered for both delivery modes then you must submit two applications.

Prospective Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For more information, including FAQ about online learning, see our Prospective Student FAQ page.