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winter scene of an urban coyote
Science Connects: Fostering coexistence over conflict with urban coyotes through evidence-based methods
Join Colleen Cassady St. Clair, ‘88 BSc(Spec) professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, to learn about the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project, hear tips for avoiding conflict with coyotes, and discover how citizens can contribute to St. Clair’s research. Urban coyotes are increasing in number and boldness in cities across North America, including Edmonton. Participants may be surprised how many things attract coyotes and the active ways they can foster coexistence with them.
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An image of cold atom technology
Science Connects: Taking Control of the Quantum World: Developing new technologies using ultracold atoms
Join Lindsay LeBlanc, associate professor in the Department of Physics, as she discusses the fundamentals of  quantum information and why it is so powerful. Learn why atoms—in particular, cold atoms—are an excellent platform for exploring the quantum world and discover the recent advances in developing a “quantum memory” in LeBlanc’s lab at the University of Alberta. LeBlanc will also discuss the way new scientific ideas emerge in experimental science as a result of interactions between the people involved.
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image of mathematical array
Science Connects: Data permutations: How to understand human speech, the spread of COVID-19, and the Alberta electorate
 Join Adam Kashlak, assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, as he explains how complex seemingly unrelated datasets are actually not as dissimilar as one may expect. Learn how scientists use powerful mathematical theorems from geometry and functional analysis to remove this computational burden, allowing for efficient statistical testing in a variety of complicated settings.
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