Margaret-Ann Armour

The Faculty of Science has a long tradition of supporting equity and diversity. In 2005, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour was appointed as the first Associate Dean of Diversity at the University and served in this position until her passing in 2019. In addition to her work in the Faculty of Science, Margaret-Ann Armour co-founded WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology), led a group that founded the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) and devoted her time to advancing EDI in STEM.
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour during her Convocation address, holding aloft a large smoking beaker.

Celebration of Margaret-Ann Armour

Margaret-Ann Armour died peacefully and gracefully at the Cross Cancer Institute at dawn May 25, 2019 surrounded by a few of the many friends who have become family to her. Tributes have poured in since, testifying to the legacy left by her inspirational mentorship and infectious passion for "doing science as if people matter."

Margaret-Ann's story lives on in the many individuals, institutions, and networks shaped by her kindness, integrity, and commitment to equity and inclusiveness. Her dedication to wider community shone through in the leadership she nurtured within various organizations she was a part of. The students of Edmonton's Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School will be among the many who dearly miss her perceptive questions, playful scientific demonstrations, and heartfelt hugs.

Thank you, Margaret-Ann, you have left your mark in our lives and we are better for it.

A Celebration of Margaret-Ann's Life was held on Wednesday, June 12 at the Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School.

The service was live streamed and kept for posterity on the Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School YouTube channel for those who may have missed the celebration.

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Margaret-Ann's Legacy

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