The music of math: Mathematician named as science fellow at TELUS World of Science Edmonton

Vincent Bouchard named as next scientist-in-residence at local science centre.

Katie Willis - 13 May 2019

"Mathematics is a creative act," said Vincent Bouchard when asked about his work as a mathematician in the University of Alberta's Faculty of Science. "It's like playing music, but instead of using an instrument to play a melody, we use our mind and play with ideas."

Bouchard is an expert in string theory, a field at the brink between physics and mathematics. A beloved teacher in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Bouchard is passionate about sharing the beauty and creativity of math with the world-a passion that made him the perfect candidate for the 2019 Science Fellowship at the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton (TWoSE).

The fellowship, now in its second year, recognizes an outstanding researcher or innovator based in Northern Alberta. As the 2019 fellow, Bouchard will receive a monetary award and a professional development scholarship. Throughout the year, he will deliver and participate in public programming at the centre.

"Mathematics is often misunderstood as a discipline," said Bouchard. "Mathematics is truly fun and playful, but it is often seen as a difficult, boring, and obscure field of study. One of my long-term goals as a scientist is to share my enthusiasm and passion for mathematics and physics, not only within the scientific community, but with the general public as well."

The fellowship was announced on Monday, May 13 by president and CEO of TWoSE, Alan Nursall, who is also an alumnus of the University of Alberta Faculty of Science.

"TELUS World of Science - Edmonton is an organization dedicated to motivating our community to participate and be invested in science and technology," he said. "The Science Fellowship program is just one of the ways we celebrate individuals who share that commitment. We are proud to help promote their work to the public and the community."

"I am really excited and honoured to be a scientific ambassador with the TELUS World of Science, and look forward to building bridges between the research community and the general public," added Bouchard.

TWoSE's inaugural science fellow was Gregory Sivakoff, associate professor in the Department of Physics. Learn more about programming and exhibits at Edmonton's TELUS World of Science.