Science Internship Program FAQ

Find all the answers to your SIP questions!

General SIP Questions

When can I join SIP?
The Science Internship Program portal accepts applications each year in January, May and September. It remains open for 3 to 4 weeks. For the exact dates please visit the website. Each job posting has its own deadline. See the different job postings for the individual deadlines.
How long can I go out on an internship?
You can do an internship for 4, 8, 12 or 16 months. You also have the possibility to extend your internship duration, depending on the original duration. Please contact the SIP team if you wish to extend your internship.
How often can I go out on an internship?
You can go out once or twice depending on the duration of your first internship. If your first internship was 4 months long, you are allowed to go out again for 4 -12 months. If your first internship was 8 months or longer, you are NOT allowed to go out again on a placement.
Do I need previous work-experience to participate in SIP?
No. Everyone with or without work experience is welcome to participate in the Science Internship Program (if you fulfill the necessary requirements). The goal of the internship program is to give you the chance to gain hands-on work experience to have an advantage when graduating.

Benefits of Participating in SIP

Why should I participate in SIP?
SIP provides you with the chance to gain work experience throughout your studies. It allows you to take time off from university for up to 16 months. In addition, a lot of internship/ co-op positions require you to be enrolled in an official internship / co-op program to be eligible. You will also have the chance to participate in numerous workshops on resume and cover letters, interview skills and employer information sessions. The SIP team offers drop-in consultation as well as appointments for mock interviews or resume help.
For scheduling an appointment please contact and look up our drop-in schedule.

Requirements for SIP

What GPA do I need to participate in SIP?
You need to have a minimum GPA of 2.3 in the previous Fall/ Winter term to join SIP and to be eligible for going out on an internship. If your GPA falls below 2.3 your profile will be automatically removed from CampusBRIDGE.
How many credits do I need to have to join SIP?
If you have completed a minimum of *24 credits, you can apply for the Science Internship Program by the end of September each year. To go out on an internship you must have completed a minimum of *48 credits but no more than *105 credits.

Job Postings and Applications

Can I apply to more than one job posting?
We encourage you to apply to more than one job to enhance your chances of finding an internship. Try to apply for positions on CampusBRIDGE as well as for positions you can find on public job boards.
Which documents do I need for my applications?
For most applications you need an updated resume, cover letter and recent unofficial transcripts. Your resume and cover letter must be tailored to each position. Don't apply with a general resume or cover letter. Employers are interested in learning more about you, your skills and why you are a fit for the particular position. Check out the blog for more information on cover letters and resumes.
Why are there different application modes? (Website, CampusBRIDGE)

There are two different ways to send your application to the employers.

  1. You can upload it on CampusBRIDGE.
  2. You have to go through the application system on the company's website.
The posting will always indicate the employer's preferred application mode, please adhere to it.
How do I apply for job postings through CampusBRIDGE

If the position requires you to apply through CampusBRIDGE, you will have to click on "Apply for this position" and upload each document individually as a PDF file.

It is suggested that documents be named with your full name and an identifying feature about the position you are applying to.

For example: Firstname_Lastname_CompanyName or Firstname_Lastname_PositionTitle.

Can I get help with my cover letter and resume?

Yes absolutely. The SIP team is offering various workshops on resume and cover letter as well as on interviewing skills. They are usually offered in the beginning of the Fall and Winter term. In addition to that, you can always schedule an appointment by emailing

In addition, you can make an appointment with the Career Centre to get help with your application. Please keep in mind, they will charge you a small fee.

Can I get help practicing interviews?
It is strongly recommended to participate in one of the interview skills workshops. In addition to that, you can always schedule an appointment by emailing The Career Centre also offers mock interviews, you have to schedule an appointment directly with a member of the Career Centre.

Finding my Own Internship

What do I have to consider when looking for my own internship?

The following aspects are important to keep in mind when looking for your own internship:

  • 32 hours per week
  • Paid position (minimum wage at least)
  • Company must provide a supervisor
  • Science related tasks

Receiving a Job Offer

I got a job offer, what are my next steps?
Congratulations! You will have to create your work-term records in CampusBRIDGE for the internship, fill in all the information, upload your offer letter and email that you got an internship and completed the above mentioned steps on CampusBRIDGE. We will then contact you on the next steps. It is important to notify us about your internship, so we can enroll you in the work experience course as you cannot enroll yourself.
What if I don't want to accept the offer?
Please make sure you have clearly understood the terms and conditions when you first got accepted into CampusBRIDGE. In case you have received an offer, yet don't think it is the right internship for you, you have to contact the SIP team and explain your reasons for declining the position.
How many offers can I reject?
Again, please make sure you have clearly understood the terms and conditions when you first got accepted into the Science Internship Program. If offered a position you have to accept or decline this position within 24 hours. You will have to speak with your department coordinator if you have multiple pending offers and a 24 hour deadline is not possible to maintain. You may not decline more than one position obtained through SIP in a term. If you decline a second position without a justifiable reason, you might not be eligible to apply to postings on the CampusBRIDGE Internship Portal and would need to locate your own internship placement.

Paid Internships

Are SIP internships paid?
Yes, all of the SIP internships are paid positions. It is one of the requirements for employers to participate in the Science Internship Program.
When a job posting does not include a salary, does that mean it is not a paid position?

Absolutely not! All of the work placements are paid positions. This just means that at the time of posting the employer might have a reason for keeping the salary off. Could be certain funding that needs to be confirmed or it may be negotiated during the interview and the employer has chosen not to show the amount.

All SIP positions are PAID positions. If you find your own internship without pay, SIP will not support the internship. You cannot solely use scholarship money or bursaries to pay for the internship.

I found my own internship, but the company doesn't have the budget to pay me a salary. Are there any funding opportunities?
Depending on the budget of the company there are different funding opportunities. In any case the company always has to pay a certain percentage of the salary in order to qualify for funding opportunities. A combination of funding from wage subsidy programs such as the NSERC award or the Canada Summer Job and the budget of the employer is acceptable.

Problems in the Workplace

What if I don't like my internship or have an issue with my supervisor or colleagues?
In case your internship is not going the way you expected it, or you have issues with your supervisor or colleagues, it is strongly recommended that you contact your SIP coordinator. The SIP team will try to help you solve the issue and find a solution. Do not simply quit your internship. In any case, first consult with your SIP coordinator.
What do I do when I get terminated from my internship?
Should you get terminated from your internship you must contact your SIP coordinator. Best would be to discuss reasons of concern with your supervisor when they arise. You will have to discuss the details with your SIP coordinator, who will decide if you get a pass or no-pass for your internship.
What do I do when I receive negative feedback from my internship supervisor?
First of all, it is important to analyze whether the negative feedback is justified. Have you been spending lots of time on social media platforms while working? Did you often come late to the office or meetings? Are you not completing your tasks satisfactorily or on time? Have there been any other negative events? Listen to the concerns of your supervisor and make an effort to act upon them. It also helps to involve your SIP coordinator. If you are unable to improve the situation, definitely involve your SIP coordinator.