Tuition Fees and Courses

Participating in the Science Internship Program (SIP) has associated costs. When going out on an internship, students will be enrolled in the Work Experience Course (WKEXP). There is one WKEXP course for each four month term of WKEXP 955, 956, 957, and 958. The WKEXP courses 955 and 956 have a fee index of fi=9 and WKEXP courses 957 and 958 have a fee index of fi=1. In addition, mandatory non-instructional fees for each 4-month term apply.

Cost Calculator

Please contact the Student Service Centre for more details on the fees.



Once you have secured an internship placement, the SIP team will register you in the following work experience courses (WKEXP) depending on the duration of your placement:

  • 4 months: 955
  • 8 months: 955, 956
  • 12 months: 955, 956, 957
  • 16 months: 955, 956, 957, 958

Keep in mind:

  • If your employer offers you an extension for your internship you may have the option to accept the extension if your internship is less than 16 months. You can reach out to a SIP coordinator to discuss this possibility at
  • Sixteen months is the maximum duration you can go out on an internship.
  • You are only allowed to go out on more than one internship if your first internship is 4 months long.
  • You are allowed to take one course in addition to the WKEXP course for each internship term, if you have a minimum of a full course load left when returning to university. The course needs to be outside of working hours and approved by your internship supervisor.


Students participating in the Science Internship Program who are working remotely, or outside of the transit serviceable area, may qualify for an exemption of the U-Pass fee.  You must be out of the serviceable transit area of Edmonton, Strathcona, St Albert, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and Beaumont in order to be eligible. Apply below if you are eligible for an exemption. 

Spring/Summer 2024 UPass Opt-out form