The University of Alberta has been researching and implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures since the early 1970s. Today, with an annual utilities bill reaching about $40,000 and growing concern about climate change, the university is more focused on energy management than ever.

Energy Management Program

To date, our energy management program has reduced greenhouse gas emissions on campus by more than 2.3 million tonnes and has saved the university more than $350 million. The Energy Management and Sustainable Operations unit (EMSO) oversees our current energy management program, Envision.

Learn more about EMSO and Envision.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is imperative to mitigating climate change. The university strives to be a leader in greenhouse gas reduction.

Learn how we are working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a crucial focus area of our energy management program. To learn more about our renewable and alternative energy projects, visit EMSO’s interactive project map

Reporting on Energy

Energy Analytics

The Enterprise Energy Information Management System (EEIMS) consolidates, analyzes and normalizes energy-related data sources on campus. The university uses the information from these data sources to:

  • Determine energy usage history
  • Benchmark energy usage
  • Recognize anomalies in energy usage
  • Display energy dashboards
  • Help with diagnostics and detection

Utilities Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The university's heating plant reports emissions to the federal and provincial governments. For details, visit:

Key Facilities Metrics Survey

The APPA/NACUBO Key Facilities Metrics Survey helps facilities managers in post-secondary institutions track facility performance. The survey tracks energy use, water consumption, waste output and carbon footprint. The university reports these metrics to the survey each year.

Energy Star

The university measures and tracks its energy and water consumption, and its greenhouse gas emissions with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager.