The University of Alberta recognizes that bicycles are an important, sustainable means of transportation to, from and around campus.

Bicycle Plan

The university’s Long Range Development Plan includes a Bicycle Plan, which ensures bicycle access to all parts of campus, connections from campus to City of Edmonton bicycle networks, ample bicycle parking on campus and restricted vehicle access on campus.

Some of the university’s bicycle initiatives include:

  • Free bike checks from the Sustain SU Bike Library mechanic at several university events throughout the year.
  • Bicycle security tips and registration stickers from Campus Security.
  • Sheltered bike racks in East Campus Village, and sheltered bike parking in several locations (see below).

Bicycle Parking

The university offers free bicycle parking on each campus. Learn where to park your bicycle.

Bicycle Sharing

The Bike Library is the university’s bike sharing program. Launched by Sustain SU in 2005, the program has since expanded with funding and support from the Office of Sustainability. Learn how you can borrow a bike for as little as $10 per week.

Prevent Bike Theft

Learn how to protect yourself from bike theft on campus.