Materials Management

Facilities and Operations

Facilities and Operations manages the university’s buildings and grounds in an ecologically responsible way. Some of these environmentally friendly practices include:

  • Mulching and composting tree and branch clippings, leaves, and plant waste.
  • Using road sweepings from spring clean-up to fill potholes in gravel roads on university farms and research sites.
  • Running a fluid recycling program at the Vehicle Pool that includes collecting and recycling used motor oil and transmission fluid, as well as recycling vehicle tires, batteries and oil filters.
  • Recycling PCB ballasts and fluorescent tubes using a special process that separates mercury from the glass and metal end caps.
  • Recycling scrap steel, refrigerants, pallets, and construction and demolition waste.
  • Implementing the Freon Recapture Program for refrigerants, which ensures freon is reused and never wasted.

Campus Surplus

The university has many programs for reusing surplus items:

New Buildings and Renovations

The university uses green construction and demolition techniques in our building and renovation projects. Learn about our sustainable construction practices.