Order a Bin

Rental bins on display.

Types of bins

We have three types of bins available to rent for UAlberta events:

Rolling Cart
Metal Cage
Round Container


Use our chart to decide what type of bins you need for your UAlberta event:

Rental Rate for Recycling Bins by type

Type of Waste

Type of Bin

Bin Sizes

Rental Rate Per Bin

Mixed Paper

Brown or yellow rolling cart (32, 65 or 95 gallon)

Metal cage (use indoors only)

From 23 x 20 x 39" to 33 x 29 x 45"

4' x 4'

Recyclables Blue rolling cart (32, 65 or 95 gallon) From 23 x 20 x 39" to 33 x 29 x 45" $15
Organics Green rolling cart (65 gallon) 29 x 27 x 41" $15
Landfill Grey or black round container 22 x 28.5" $19
Important: Each bin comes with a label that lists acceptable materials. We provide bags for the landfill waste bins only. If we need to empty your bin during your event, you will be charged for another bin.

How many bins will you need?

If you are using reusable cups, plates and utensils, you will need one organics bin per 1,000 people.

If you are using recyclable beverage containers, plastic or paper cups, paper plates, or plastic utensils, you will need one organics bin and one recyclables bin per 500 people.

Order your indoor bins

Place an order for indoor bins by filling out the indoor bin rental form.

Order your outdoor bins

Place an order your outdoor recycle, organics or landfill waste bins when you book your outdoor event site.

Please place your bin order at least one week in advance.

Set up your bins

  • Group your bins together
  • Keep the lids consistent (all open or all closed)
  • Use the following order (to be consistent with other Zero Waste stations across campus):
Type of Recyclable materials
Mixed Paper
(brown or yellow)
(grey or black)

Large temporary bins

For events or clean-outs that require larger temporary outdoor bins, please contact Jessie at jkwasny@ualberta.ca for bin types, sizes and quotes.