Postoperative Rehabilitation Guidelines

Appropriate rehabilitation is key to the successful management of orthopaedic conditions. Our surgeons use standardized, evidence derived rehabilitation protocols that have been developed by the Shoulder and Upper Extremity Research Group of Edmonton (SURGE), a multidisciplinary team of orthopaedic surgeons and therapists.

Elbow Surgery

Elbow Dislocation/Instability Rehabilitation Guideline

Overhead Elbow Exercise Protocol

Seated Active Motion Elbow Exercise Protocol 

Hand/Wrist Surgery

Wrist Fracture Rehabilitation Guideline

Patient Handout Phase 1 & 2

Patient Handout Phase 3 & 4

Guidelines for Therapists 

Shoulder Surgery

For further information regarding the development of these guidelines please refer here. 

Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Guidelines

Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Handout

Phase I Bankart Repair

Phase II Bankart Repair

Phase III Bankart Repair

STANDARD Arthroscopic/Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair Guideline

Standard Arthroscopic/Mini-Open RC Repair Handout

Phase I Standard RC

Phase II Standard RC

Phase III Standard RC

NON-STANDARD Arthroscopic/Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair Guideline

Non-Standard Arthroscopic/Mini-Open RC Repair Handout

NON-Standard RC 

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Guideline

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Handout

Posterior Labral Repair Guideline

Posterior Labral Repair Handout