Hand and Upper Limb Surgery Fellowship

The Western Hand & Upper Limb Facility is proud to offer a comprehensive fellowship focused on the injuries and disorders of the hand and upper limb, with an emphasis on both soft tissue and bone pathology. The fellowship is staffed by eight fellowship-trained upper extremity surgeons. Our centre is unique as it is one of the few upper extremity specialized centres in Canada. We provide specialized upper extremity care to not only the people of Edmonton and surrounding but the entire northern Alberta, parts of Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The fellow will have exposure to high volume of elective and trauma cases. Our surgeons perform over 3,000 major procedures and 2000 minor procedures annually. We see over 22,000 patients annually in our clinics and offices.

Number of positions: 2 per year
Duration: 1 year
Director: Dr. Michael Lapner
Supervisors: Dr. Armin Badre
Dr. Joseph Bergman
Dr. Robert Chan
Dr. Matthew Furey
Dr. Aleem Lalani
Dr. Michael Lapner

The fellow will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire skills in elective and emergent conditions of the upper limb from the shoulder to fingertips
  • Develop expertise in advanced arthroscopic skills and arthroplasty from the shoulder to fingertips
  • Gain exposure to microsurgical procedures

One day a week is dedicated to research and the fellow is expected to be involved with ongoing research projects and to complete a paper for presentation (at the COA or similar meeting) and submission for publication. The fellow will also be involved in monthly rounds presentations and resident teaching. The fellow will be expected to participate in call coverage.


For Canadian Fellows: a salary commensurate with a PGY6 level of training will be offered. This fund is supported by the Fellows Surgical Assist Billings.

For Foreign Fellows: external funding would need to be arranged and credential verification by the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC) is required before training.


Fellowship starts July 1st (with some flexibility) and is 12 months long. 

Applications for fellowships are due by December 31 two years prior to the fellowship commencement date.  Incomplete applications, or those not meeting the requirements will be returned.
Interviews occur in January/February one calendar year prior to the fellowship start date. 

Selections are made by April 15 each year, approximately 14 months prior to the start of the fellowship.


Please submit a personal letter describing your interest in the program, career aspirations, and any other professional or personal items that may add to the application along with a curriculum vitae and three reference letters to Sonia Silva at sonia.silva@albertahealthservices.ca.