Arctic Research and Initiatives

Research, endeavours, leading programs, people and news relating to the Arctic circle, circumpolar areas, and the North (in Canada and beyond).

Arctic Research and News

Moving Canada's centre of gravity farther north

UAlberta scientist awarded the Polar Medal by the Governor General for contributions to research in the Canadian North.

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UAlberta North

A new institutional initiative, UAlberta North is responsible for supporting and promoting the full scope of UAlberta's work across the circumpolar North.


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Arctic Climate MOOC

Introduction to the Arctic: Climate - a 4-lesson course exploring regional geography, climate, and ecosystems, and this region’s connection to the rest of our planet.

Mountains 101 MOOC covering mountain, northern climes, the arctic circle and more.

Mountains 101 (JAN '17) - a 12-lesson introduction to mountain environments, peoples and contemporary issues through interdisciplinary study.


Polar Knowledge Canada

POLAR has launched a staffing process for jobs in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. This includes entry-level positions in office support and environmental science and technology as well as senior researchers and management. Learn more about opportunities through Polar Knowledge Canada.

Arctic Canoe Expedition

As part of Augustana faculty's experiential courses, this 3-week canoe trip to the arctic is open to students enrolled in Geography 341/342: Geography of the Canadian North every 2nd year. Learn more about this expedition opportunity.

Survival, Dog-sledding & Wilderness Navigation

A 2½ week excursion to a homestead in the Northwest Territories as part of AUPED 281: Explorations of the Canadian North. Learn more about this course through the Augustana faculty.