Thank you for your interest in the Engage North Internship. Our program is on hold for the 2023 season but please check back for updates from our office.


Our Vision

Engage North is founded on respect for Indigenous peoples and cultures of the North. We are committed to facilitating a stronger relationship between Canada's North and South as well as supporting the fulfillment of community-driven projects.

Our Background

Engage North is a University of Alberta organization that is pan-disciplinary and operates with the ongoing support of our partners. For the team behind Engage North, see our Contact page.

Community Driven Projects

The needs that exist within Canada's northern communities span technical, health-wellness, social-cultural, and educational challenges. Given the cultural, environmental, and geographical context of the North, as well as the unique constraints on human and technical resources, solutions need to be creative, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and context appropriate.

Engage North aims to act as a hub to connect Northern community-based organizations with Southern resources. The Engage North Internship program is our central activity. Engage North works with community-based organizations to develop projects suitable for an undergraduate and graduate students for a four-month placement.