Managing Your Award

Accepting Your Award

You will receive an email notifying you that you are a successful award candidate which will indicate the amount of the award you will receive. Instructions for accepting the award are provided which include a requirement to respond to the email accepting the award by the deadline indicated.


Declining Your Award

You may need to decline the award for several reasons. These would include:

  • Changes to your project design that disqualify you from the award
  • If the targeted research area no longer meets the definition of the North outlined by the award
  • Personal reasons may arise where you are no longer able to complete the project.

If you must decline the award, please respond to the email and notify UAlberta North.


Booking Travel and Miscellaneous Tips

Supply and Management Services has set up a great page with information on booking travel, completing claims and links to great tools -like currency convertors, GST/HST calculators and much more! You will need to log in with your ccid to check it out.


Submitting a Claim

When you submit your expense or travel claim please follow the instructions found on the Travel Expense Claim page. 

You will need to know the speed code for the account/grant the expense is being charged to - if you do not already have that contact


Awards and grants will have varying levels of reporting. Please check the letter or email you received stating your award amount and requirements. If you have any questions please contact us.


Presenting Research Funded by Your Award

If you have been funded by the UANRA you must acknowledge UAlberta North and the University of Alberta using these logos.

If you have been funded by the NSTP you must acknowledge NSTP and UAlberta North using the following logos

If you are funded by an endowment fund, you must acknowledge the estate that provided the endowment.