Northern Students' Association

The Northern Students' Association (NSA) is a multidisciplinary student group at the University of Alberta dedicated to the development, support, and continuation of Northern studies and research.

The NSA’s mandate is to facilitate connections and partnerships with Indigenous Nations, institutions, and organizations in the North, provide resources and opportunities to enhance ethical and collaborative research approaches and partnerships with Indigenous Nations, and foster a student-focused environment for early career training and skill development.

Northern Research Day is an annual conference organized by the NSA bringing together students, faculty, and invited speakers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to share research, stories, knowledge, and perspectives on Northern issues.This year's conference, Perspectives on Community Engagement, will take place from March 15-17, 2023. 

Please visit our website to learn more, and contact us by email at to join our newsletter and receive updates on meetings, events, and student opportunities. 

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Northern Students' Association

11011-88 Ave
UAlberta North
University of Alberta
Edmonton, T6G 2E1

Marina Taskovic 

Vice President 
Aidan Sheppard