Community Partners

secondarylightgreenEngage North has partnered with four communities since 2012 and is looking to expand and provide engagement within other northern communities.

The Hamlet of Pangnirtung has been a partner with Engage North since 2012, while Beaver and Dene Tha' First Nations have been partners since 2013. Yellowknives Dene First Nation became an Engage North partner in 2017. Check out each community profile!

Funding Partners

Engage North would not be able to provide paid internships without the support and generosity of both the community partners and donors.  We rely on a combination of private, public and individual donors to make our program successful.


Mr. Don Thurston
Mr. Thurston has been a supporter of Engage North since its inception and has provided both in-kind and financial support. He continues to be a valued contributor to the program. 

Robert MW Frederiking
The Robert MW Frederiking Award is provided annually to an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Engineering that has participated in the Engage North program or has worked in a northern setting.






Daryl K Seaman Canadian Hockey Fund at The Calgary Foundation 
The Calgary Foundation provided Engage North with a generous grant for two Health and Wellness internship positions during the summer of 2020.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, interns were not able to work directly with youth however, they helped create remote programming for youth in Dene Tha’ and Beaver First Nations communities.






The Graduate Student Internship Program (GSIP)
Both the Beaver First Nation internship positions have been extended into the fall and winter of 2020 through Beaver First Nation and Engage North partnerships with the GSIP wage-sharing program.