Community Reporting Award

Communication with northerners and their communities is a vital part of the research process. In addition to communicating research objectives and methods prior to initiating a project, UAlberta North recognizes the value and importance of reporting and discussing research progress with communities. Indeed, reporting on research and informing a community about the results of a project may be a requirement for certain granting agencies that fund Northern research. UAlberta North will allocate funding annually for the purpose of community reporting and for communicating about a research project. 

The maximum value of an award will not normally exceed $2,500, though consideration will be given to higher requests that reflect the cost of travel to a particular community.
December 1
Reporting Requirements
UAlberta North will require evidence of reporting, either confirmation from the community, copy of materials or other agreed upon documentation. This information will go out in the award letter.
Additional Information

Community reporting (be innovative about what would be of value to the community):

Community reporting may take many forms, including (but not limited to):
  • Making presentations to community groups and/or schools/colleges.
  • Presenting at community-based workshops and conferences.
  • Reporting on the research project at community social events and/or by visiting elders or going out on the land.
  • Producing briefing materials for public circulation at the direction of a local or regional agency or government.
  • Preparation of digital and or print legacy materials.