About UAlberta North

Over many decades, the University of Alberta has built a strong and comprehensive set of research and educational relationships across the North. Those relationships involve almost all of the University's faculties and campuses. They reach across circumpolar, Arctic, and boreal geographies. They connect us to the urgencies and complexities of global climate change and human adaptations; fragile ecosystems and resource extraction; geopolitics and sovereignty claims; and especially the efforts of Indigenous peoples to sustain languages, cultures, land-based livelihoods, and meaningful self-government in their homelands. Altogether, they give the University of Alberta a North-facing identity and a commitment to work in partnership with communities in ways that respect their knowledge, priorities, and aspirations.

UAlberta North is an office established to bring fresh energy, institutional priority, and effective coordination to this full range of activity. Our work is relational. Reporting directly to the University's senior leadership, UAlberta North: 

  • builds partnerships with northern governments, including Indigenous governments, communities, colleges and agencies - sometimes in collaboration with Faculties;
  • supports students through grants, awards, training, and summer internships, including the Engage North program;
  • supports faculty researchers, connecting them to opportunities, and showcasing their work;
  • amplifies the voices of northern knowledge-holders and focusing attention on key research and policy issues through workshops, lectures, films and other events; and
    represents the University in relevant national and international organizations.