Important Dates

CSC-funded research placements are 3 calendar months in duration and typically take place from July 2 until October 2. Exact internship dates are dependent on the flexibility of the supervising professor.

March 25- May 31, 2019

UAlberta professors submit projects to UAI

July 24, 2019

Projects posted
July - September 2019 Students from eligible institutions apply to projects

September 18, 2019

Deadline for applications.

October - November 2019 Preliminary eligibility screening of applicants by U of A International and the China Scholarship Council

November - December 2019

Ranking of eligible applicants by project supervisors
December - February 2020

Internship offers sent to selected applicants

(Offers expire if no confirmation is received within 1 week)
February - March, 2020
UAI will prepare required immigration documents and provide to selected candidates. CSC to provide award letters confirming sponsorship.
July 2 - October 2, 2020 Standard schedule for CSC-funded internships