AP Transfer Credit

Advanced standing for AP students is recognized by the University of Alberta in three ways: transfer credit, advanced placement, and credit by special assessment.

With transfer credit, the most commonly awarded of the three options, you receive university-level credit for AP work completed in high school. Transfer credit can allow you to free up time in your university course schedule and save money. While we encourage students to retain the transfer credit they have earned, you do have the option to decline it at the time of admission.

AP Course

University of Alberta Equivalent

Augustana Course Equivalent

Successful completion of all components of the AP Capstone Diploma program 100-level Open Elective (★3) AU 100-level Open Elective (★3)
Art History HADVC 100 level (★6) AUART 100 (★3) and 102 (★3)
Biology BIOL 107 (★3) AUBIO 111 (★3)
Calculus AB MATH 114 (★3) AUMAT 110 (★3)
Calculus BC MATH 114 (★3) [or MATH 100 (★3.5)] (see note 1) AUMAT 116 (★3)
Chemistry Students may apply to write a Credit by Special Assessment examination in CHEM 101 (★3) [or CHEM 103 (★4.3) for Engineering only] (see notes 1 and 2) AUCHE 100-level (★3)
Chinese Language and Culture CHINA 200-level (★3) AU Language 200-level (★3)
Comparative Government and Politics POL S 100-level (★3) (not to take POL S 101) AUPOL 100-level (★3)
Computer Science Principles CMPUT 101(★3) AUCSC 100-level (★3)
Computer Science A CMPUT 174 (★3) AUCSC 113 (★3)
English (Language and Composition) ENGL 100-level (★3) (not to take WRS 101) [or 100-level complementary studies elective (3)] (see note 1) AUENG 100-level (★3)
English (Literature and Composition) ENGL 100-level (★3) [or 100-level complementary studies elective (3)] (see note 1) AUENG 100-level (★3)
Environmental Science 100-level Science Option (★3) AU Science 100-level (★3)
European History HIST 100-level (★6) (not to take HIST 111 or 112) AUHIS 100-level (★6) (not to take AUHIS 201 or 202)
French Language and Culture FREN 100-level (★3) AUFRE 100-level (★3)
German Language and Culture GERM 100-level (★3) AUGER 100-level (★3)
Human Geography HGP 100 (★3) AUGEA 100-level (★3)
Italian Language and Culture ITAL 100-level (★3) AU Language Option 100-level (★3)
Japanese Language and Culture JAPAN 201 (★3) and 202 (★3) AU Language 200-level (★6)
Latin (Literature & Vergil) LATIN 300-level (★3) AULAT 200-level (★3)
Macroeconomics ECON 102 (★3) AUECO 102 (★3)
Microeconomics ECON 101 (★3) AUECO 101 (★3)
Music Theory MUSIC 155 (★3) AUMUS 160 (★3)
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism; plus Mechanics (taken after 2014) PHYS 144 (★3) AUPHY 100-level (★3)
Physics 1 plus Physics 2 PHYS 124 (★3) (see note 4) AUPHY 100-level (★3)
Psychology PSYCO 104 (★3)  AUPSY 100-level (★3)
(not to take AUPSY 103)
Spanish Language SPAN 100-level (★3) AUSPA 100-level (★3)
Spanish Literature and Culture SPAN 200-level (★6) AUSPA 200-level (★6)
Statistics STAT 151 (★3) AUSTA 153 (★3)
Studio Art: 2-D Design ART 134 (★3) and DES 135 (★3) AUART 111 (★3) and AUART 100-level (★3) (not to take AUART 112)
Studio Art: 3-D Design ART 134 (★3) and DES 135 (★3) AUART 111 (★3) and 112 (★3)
Studio Art: Drawing ART 100-level (★3) (not to take ART 240) AUART 100-level (★3)
United States History HIST 100-level (★6) AUHIS 100-level (★6)
US Government and Politics POL S 100-level (★3) AUPOL 100-level (★3)
World History CLASS 100-level (★3) and HIST 100-level (★3) (not to take CLASS 110, or HIST 110, 111, or 112) AUHIS 104 (★3) and 105 (★3)


  1. For students entering the Faculty of Engineering, transfer credit for the first (qualifying) year courses does not reduce the minimum load requirement of 37.0 units.
  2. Students wishing to pursue credit by special assessment, please refer to the University Calendar for information.
  3. Students who are eligible for Advanced Placement may register in a senior course. In the case of Language other than English courses students with Advanced Placement will be permitted to register in a senior level course after determination of their background qualifications for that course (interview, placement test, etc.). Students may also challenge a junior or senior course for credit via the Credit by Special Assessment route if they have appropriate qualifications and are eligible within the regulations.
  4. Students who have not taken Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism and wish to take further Physics courses should consult the Department of Physics.
  5. When students are instructed "not to take" a specific course and a generic 100-level credit is granted, this credit may be used to meet the prerequisite for any higher level course requiring the specific course in question.