Student Recruitment Centre of Expertise

National Recruitment

Pamela Belter Headshot

Pamela Belter, BSc, MSc | She/Her
Manager, National Recruitment
780-492-4096 | 

Brandon Wiltshire Headshot

Brandon Wiltshire, B.Mgt, CTSM | He/Him
Acting Team Lead, National Recruitment

Adam Klatchuk Headshot

Adam Klatchuk, BCom | He/Him
Recruitment Coordinator, National  (Edmonton & Surrounding Area)
780-492-6725 |  

Nathalie Dugo Headshot

Nathalie Dugo, BA | She/Her
Recruitment Coordinator, International (Canada)
780-492-5540 | &

Erin Moulton Headshot

Erin Moulton, BCS | She/Her
Virtual Recruitment Specialist

Emily Hoffman Headshot

Emily Hoffman, BCom | She/Her
Student Recruitment Events Specialist

Alex Rocca Headshot

Alexandra Rocca, BSc, MA | She/Her
Volunteer Management Coordinator
780-492-8023 |

Hayley Benjamin Headshot

Hayley Benjamin, BSc | She/Her
Campus Visit Coordinator
780-492-4981 |


Riya Prajapati, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Calgary, Central & Southern Alberta)
780-492-8810 |

Tessa Sautner Headshot

Tessa Sautner, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Greater Vancouver Area & Vancouver Island)
780-492-8810 |

Sophie Hurst headshot

Sophie Hurst, BA | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Interior British Columbia, Northern, Eastern & Western Alberta)
780-492-8810 |

Lauren Kimoto Headshot

Lauren Kimoto, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter ( Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Maritimes & Ontario)
780-492-8810 |

Raegan Larson Headshot

Raegan Larson, BSc, MSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Edmonton and Surrounding Region)
780-492-8810 |

Indigenous Recruitment

Trevor Phillips Headshot

Trevor J. Phillips | He/Him
Manager, Indigenous Recruitment
780-492-6540 |


Emily Barnett, BSc, BA | She/Her
Indigenous Student Recruiter
780-221-0040 | 

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Oksana Feculak

Oksana Feculak
Student Recruitment Service Partner 

Courtney Klein Headshot

Courtney Klein, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)

Hyerin Hong Headshot

Hyerin Hong, BSc, BEd | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)

Taylor Hoy Headshot

Rachel Stefaniuk, BSc, MPH | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Sarah Peterson Headshot

Sarah Peterson, BA | She/Her
Student Recruitment Service Partner


Hailee Mann, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)

Kayleigh Oliver Headshot

Kayleigh Oliver, BCom | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)


MorningStar Willier, BA | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College) 


Christina Kushka, B.Ed | She/Her
Student Recruiter (College)



Mariel Tavakoli Headshot

Mariel Tavakoli, MSc | She/Her
Student Recruitment Service Partner
587-984-4020 | 


Julia Flett, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Augustana/Health Sciences)


Jon McCorquindale Headshot

Jon McCorquindale, MA | He/Him
Augustana Team Lead - Recruitment & Admissions 

Rebecca Nicholson Headshot

Rebecca Nicholson, BA | They/She
Student Recruiter (Augustana)
780-679-1125 | 

Mackenzie Martin Headshot

Mackenzie Martin, BSc | She/Her
Student Recruiter (Augustana)


Elodie Flower Headshot

Élodie Flower
Student Recruiter (CSJ)  

Kelty Heck Headshot

Kelty Heck, BA | She/Her
Student Recruitment Director and Assistant Registrar

 Sara Connif Headshot

Sara Conniff, BSc | She/Her
Assistant, Student Recruitment Centre of Expertise
780-492-5605 |

Faculty contact information

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