Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

Clinical Research Unit Beds

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) is a unique, multidisciplinary facility that allows traditional bio-medical intervention studies as well as nutritional research and metabolic and body composition analysis. Supervised by Dr Vince Rogers, the CRU facilitates investigators to conduct regulatory-driven clinical trials in support of innovative therapies and translation of these towards patient use.

The CRU supports phase II-IV research and is connected to the University of Alberta Hospital for patient/physician access and biosample transport. The facility also houses body composition and metabolic assessment for truly holistic diabetes clinical studies. As part of the U of A Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the CRU works with research clinicians and investigators from numerous backgrounds, and in combination with Alberta Health Services it is one of Canada's largest integrated academic health regions for conducting efficient clinical research.

Opened in the fall of 2011, the new Clinical Research Unit of the Alberta Diabetes Institute is located on the second floor of the Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation. It is an 8000 ft2 facility. The multidisciplinary unit houses cutting edge equipment including:

  • Five private clinical exam rooms
  • 3 bed open day ward
  • Blood processing area
  • Kitchen/dining room
  • Resting metabolic assessment
  • Whole body calorimetry (One of only 2 in Canada)
  • Air displacement plethysmography (BodPod)
  • Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA)

The Clinical Research Unit serves as a place where basic and clinical scientists work together to perform studies that incorporate translational research (the process of making research findings benefit patients) resulting in meaningful health outcomes. The Clinical Research Unit, along with skilled researchers and coordinators, will provide a welcoming and proficient setting for participants to volunteer in groundbreaking research studies. The addition of this world class facility to the ADI promises to hold exciting outcomes for all of those involved.

Research Studies in the Clinical Research Unit

If you are planning a research study in the Clinical Research Unit, please download CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDY :: Online Posting Form (PDF) and submit this form to the appropriate Research Ethics Board (REB) for approval. Upon approval, your research study will be added to the Participate in a Research Study and shared on social media (if requested).