At the Alberta Diabetes Institute, we don't just want to be a world leader in diabetes research - we want to set the standard for translating research into meaningful health solutions.

This means maintaining a balance of early discovery research, preclinical and clinical research activities, as well as coordinating these efforts with feedback from health delivery and population health research.

Diabetes is a complex disease whose onset, diagnosis and treatment are influenced by numerous genetic, cellular, physical, dietary, lifestyle, and even socio-economic factors. The Alberta Diabetes Institute was designed with this vision in mind: that only through multidisciplinary research will meaningful advances be made to overcome diabetes.

The Institute is made up of members and partners from multiple faculties and departments that include cellular biology, surgery, immunology, physical activity, pharmaceutical sciences, nutrition, and public health. The infrastructure at the Institute allows research to be conducted in all these fields, but equally important it allows the collaboration of sciences and approaches. Visit our Members Directory page to view our current ADI members.