HistoCore offers efficient and comprehensive histology services at competitive pricing and fast turnaround time.

  • Paraffin processing, embedding, microtoming
  • Cryoembedding, cryosectioning
  • Slide staining: H&E, Van Gieson's, Trichrome, PAS, Alcian Blue/Fast Red, Safranin O/Fast Green
  • Enquire about other stains

Immunohistochemistry & Immunofluorescence

Our extensive experience provides antibodies and optimizing protocols with expertise in the following areas:

  • Background literature research
  • Procuring antibodies
  • Protocol development
  • Routine IHC/IF staining (manual/automated)
  • For immunostaining with existing protocols, users must provide positive control slides.

Paraffin-based/ Cryosectioning Prices
Processing/embedding $28 / block
Sectioning $6 / slide
H&E staining, coverslipping $4 / slide
Specialty Staining $17 / slide
Decalcification $17 / sample
Cryoembedding $7 / block
Cryosectioning $7 / slide


Sample Drop Off Instructions
  • Please review Sample Submission Guidelines
  • Complete Histology Work Order Form (must be completed and accompany all sample submissions)
  • Submit samples before 3.00 pm for next work day processing
  • Note: Cryosectioning samples must be left in -20C freezer in HistoCore lab - base molds for cryo-samples are not provided


Alberta Diabetes Institute
5-003 Li Ka Shing
University of Alberta

For information or booking contact:
Lynette Elder 780.492.0387 lelder@ualberta.ca

Dr. Gregory Korbutt, Core Director