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The MolBioCore offers a comprehensive array of equipment and provides technical consultation and support for projects such as DNA cloning to make expression vectors, real-time PCR analysis, recombinant protein production and protein purification. Technical training can also be provided for self-directed equipment use.

  • Designing of DNA construct and DNA cloning to create expression vectors
  • Preparation of plasmid DNA
  • Electrophoresis of protein and DNA samples
  • Western blot analysis
  • Protein/peptide purification using FPLC/ HPLC
  • Production of recombinant protein
  • Quantification of gene expression by real-time PCR
  • Designing and development of gene specific real-time PCR
  • Quantification of hormones and cytokines by immunoassays
Technical training $65/hr

Highly qualified staff provides technical assistance on procedures and method development related to molecular biology and protein chemistry

Unassisted Instrumentation Use

MBioCore uses automated, high quality instruments to produce efficient and reliable results.



Avanti J-26 XP/XP1 High performance $7 / hour
J6 MI High Capacity $7 / hour
Optima L-100XP Ultracentrifuge $14 /hour


Plate Readers

EnVision 2104 $6 / plate
MSD SECTOR Imager 6000 multiplex $11 / plate


Plate Washer

Skan Washer 400 $3 / use



Applied Biosystems 7900HT Realtime $14 / use
BioRad T-100 Thermal Cycler $ 4 / use


DNA/RNA/Protein Quantification

Nanodrop 1000/3000 $2 / use



GE ImageQuant $2 / photo
GE Typhoon Trio $10 / scan
GE InCell Analyzer 6000 $20 / plate
Olympus OV110 Small animal imager $55 / hour

Alberta Diabetes Institute members receive 25% off price list



Equipment Access and Use

Monday-Friday from 9.00-18.00

  • Mandatory training for all first-time users
  • to book an appointment Email Kuni Suzuki (Core Manager)
  • Security card access available for users
  • Instruments must remain free of debris, spills or damage following use

Note: Cleaning/repair costs will be charged back to user

Molecular biology protocols are diverse and experience counts when it comes to developing protocols that bring you results with high quality. MolBioCore has extensive experience optimizing protocols and providing assistance on its equipment.


Alberta Diabetes Institute
6-030 Li Ka Shing Centre
University of Alberta

Core Manager - Kuni Suzuki
Core Director - John Elliott