Nutrition Core Services

Nutrition Core Services is housed within the Clinical Research Unit (CRU), a modern and sophisticated research facility.

The Whole Body Calorimetry Unit (WBCU)

The WBCU is a sophisticated research suite where a complete evaluation of an individual's energy balance (energy intake & energy expenditure) can be determined using indirect calorimetry. Since participants can sleep, eat and exercise in a free-living way in the WBCU, "normal living conditions" are simulated as closely as possible. The energy expended in kilocalories (kcal) for a specific time period such as resting, postprandial (after eating) and exercise, as well as the total energy expenditure (kcal per day) can be independently calculated. Research applications with this unit are extensive and could include metabolism studies on individuals such as teenagers, athletes, seniors or individuals with medical conditions that may alter carbohydrate/fat metabolism or energy expenditure. Other applications could include the effects of specific treatments, vitamins, spices or other products on human metabolism.

The Bod Pod

The BOD POD utilize whole body densitometric principles to determine fat mass and fat-free mass in adults and children (BOD POD) and infants (PEA POD). advantages of the BOD POD are short measurement time (5-10 minutes), non-invasive & comfortable for participants, accommodates a variety of populations (participants 50-440 lbs, elderly, children, disabled), suitable for repeated measurements with minimal compliance.

Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

DXA provides precise measurements of bone density (AP spine and femur), lean tissue mass, and total and regional body fat such as abdominal body fat. A DXA scan is a non-invasive test that is performed by a trained and certified Medical X-ray Technologist. The test requires that individuals put on a hospital gown and lie on an x-ray bed. The patient radiation exposure is extremely low with this type of unit and is among the lowest of doses resulting from commonly used medical x-ray examinations.

Research Kitchen

The Research Kitchen is equipped with 2 stoves, 2 microwave ovens, 2 double-sinks, 3 dish-washers, a large pantry for dry food storage and a modern walk-in fridge/freezer. The two large kitchen islands and the large amount of counter top space can accommodate more than one nutrition research study at a time. A spacious dining room is also available that can accommodate 20 participants.

For further information and prices for Nutrition Core Services please contact:

Stephanie Ramage MSc RD

Human Nutrition Research Coordinator
Clinical Research Unit (CRU)
2-021C Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Research Innovation
University of Alberta T6G 2E1

Tel: (780) 492-6668