Core Services


HistoCore offers efficient and comprehensive histology services at competitive pricing and fast turnaround time.

  • Paraffin processing, embedding, microtoming
  • Cryoembedding, cryosectioning
  • Slide staining: H&E, Trichrome, PAS, Alcian Blue/Fast Red, Safranin O/Fast Green, Von Kossa, Inquire about other stains
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF)
Immunohistochemistry & Immunofluorescence

Our extensive experience provides antibodies and optimizing protocols with expertise in the following areas:

  • Background literature research
  • Procuring antibodies
  • Protocol development
  • Routine IHC/IF staining (manual/automated)
  • For immunostaining with existing protocols, users must provide positive control slides.
Paraffin-based/ Cryosectioning Prices
Processing/embedding $28 / block 
 Sectioning $6 / slide
 H&E staining, coverslipping $4 / slide
Specialty Staining  $17 / slide
 Decalcification  $17 / sample
 Cryoembedding $7 / block
 Cryosectioning $7 / slide


Immunohistochemistry & Immunofluorescence Pricing
Stock Antibodies $28 / slide
 User-supplied antibodies $12 / slide
 Method Development (technical time) $60 / hour + reagents cost
Sample Drop Off Instructions
  1. Please review Sample Submission Guidelines and complete Histology Work Order form (available online) to be accompanied by all sample submissions
  2. Submit samples before 3.30pm for next work day processing Note: Cryosectioning samples must be left in -20C freezer in HistoCore lab - base molds for cryo-samples are not provided

Histology work order form. This completed form must accompany all sample submissions.

Sample submission guidelines

Samples must be submitted before 3:30 pm for next-day processing.



Alberta Diabetes Institute
5–003 Li Ka Shing
University of Alberta

For information or booking contact:
Lynette Elder 780.492.0387

Core Director - Greg Korbutt