Graduate Courses

The Department of Biological Sciences offers graduate courses in Bioinformatics (BIOIN), Biology (BIOL), Botany (BOT), Entomology (ENT), Genetics (GENET), Immunology and Infection (IMIN), Marine Science (MA  SC), Microbiology (MICRB), Paleontology (PALEO), and Zoology (ZOOL).

Complete course descriptions can be found in the University of Alberta Calendar. Search by course abbreviation listed above.

Please refer to Bear Tracks for information on where and when specific courses are offered.

Send the following to to register for a course.

  1. A completed "Add/Drop" form.
  2. Your supervisor's approval. This can be via a signature on the Add/Drop form or by email to
  3. The course instructor's approval, again, either by signing the Add/Drop form or by email to

All Department of Biological Sciences’ graduate students are strongly encouraged to discuss their graduate course selections with their graduate supervisor.