For Applicants

Academic Requirements

Admission to our department is recommended based on the availability of funding and our review of the complete application including the C.V. and letters of reference. Although an applicant may meet the minimum GPA requirement, admission is not guaranteed. A 4-year undergraduate degree, or its academic equivalent, from a recognized university is also required.

Minimum admission grade point average (aGPA)*^:

  • 3.3 on a 4-point scale,
  • 7.0 on a 9-point scale,
  • B+ on a letter-based scale or
  • 78/100 on a percentage-based scale

*For applicants that have exclusively attended Canadian and American Universities, aGPA is based on the last most recent 60 credits of a transcript. If the last 60 credits fall within a term, the full term is calculated (thus in this case the GPA would be calculated using more than 60 credits). 

^For applicants that have attended at least one non-Canadian or non-American University, aGPA is based on the last most recent four terms or two years of a transcript where a term consists of a minimum of three courses and a year consists of a minimum of six courses. Terms are preferred over years for calculating aGPA but the final determination is based on how the official transcripts indicate the courses.

Minimum Academic Requirements from Other Countries

Please search the dropdown list for an estimate of the minimum academic requirements from a selected list of countries. Please use the rough conversions and the details regarding calculation of aGPA above to estimate your aGPA if your country is not listed in the dropdown list. Official aGPA will be calculated at the time of application using official transcripts in the submitted application.