911 Emergency :

As of December 15, 2008, all calls for emergency services requiring the fire department, police or ambulance should go direct to the 911 Emergency Operator. This applies to all areas of the University of Alberta campuses. A major benefit to calling 911 is that the responders will be enroute to the destination earlier than if we call the Communications Control Centre at the UofA main campus.

One problem that arises in calling 911 is describing your building address, room location and which entrance might be best to get into the building. In at least two calls to 911 in the past year, the operator requested the building "U number" which is a numbering system that was used by the Fire Department to identify each building on campus. This is not the same as the two digit numbers that appear on buildings on the University of Alberta website maps or on the maps in the back of the UofA Telecommunications Directory. U of A Protective Services (UAPS) are supposed to be contacted by the 911 system so they can respond and guide the Emergency services to the location but this may not always happen. To ensure prompt first responder action, it is suggested that after calling 911 for an emergency on the North or South University Campuses, that you immediately call the UAPS emergency number at 492-5050 to inform them so they can respond as well. In addition, for ambulance or Police calls, have someone go to the building entrance to meet and guide them to your room.

Unless there is some compelling reason to request another entrance, it is probably best to meet them at the loading dock entrance on the west side of the building as there is an area to park and a ramp as well.


Calling for Fire/Police/Ambulance response from the North or South Campuses at the University of Alberta

  • dial 911 to report the emergency (apparently you do not need a 9 before the 911)
  • call 2-5050 to advise UAPS about the problem and that 911 has been called
  • for Ambulance and Police calls, have someone go to the loading dock door on the West side of the building to meet the responders and guide them inside to the location of the emergency
  • For Fires, it is likely faster to pull a Fire Alarm than to telephone 911 and it gets the building evacuated