First Aid Locations

During business Hours:
  • Z207 - Biological Sciences Storeroom
  • CW312 - Student Services Office
  • CW422 - Department Office
  • ESB218 - Strickland Museum (Earth Sciences Building)
After hours:

two plywood cabinets located in elevator lobbies:

  • Z203 (near the Biological Sciences Storeroom)
  • M425 (near entrance to Microbiology wing)

Note: these cabinets are alarmed with buzzers that sound when door is open.

Please contact the Safety Officer if you use any supplies from these kits so they can be replaced

Tom Hantos
telephone 492-2399
email Safety Officer Department of Biological Sciences

"On site" First Aid Kits

Note: each lab/office should have a kit located in the room to ensure rapid access in case of emergency. See the First Aid Regulations page for proper size of kit.