LoneWorker Service

A program for Students and Staff working alone on the University of Alberta Campus

U of A Protective Services (UAPS) has a program called the Lone Worker Service that is designed to improve your personal safety while working alone. This service involves notifying UAPS that you are at the University and it lets you request that they contact you during your work period (a telephone call or a personal visit from an officer). In addition, if UAPS becomes aware of some problem in your area, they will contact you (e.g. someone has reported a suspicious person in your building).

The system is setup as a Log in and Update Change in Status system (no log out required). You check in when you arrive and advise UAPS that you are here and plan to leave in 3 hours. If you leave early or stay longer, then contact them again to update your booking information. You do not need to contact them again to Log out when you leave.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday, 2200h to 0700 h
Saturday-Sunday-holidays: 24h service

Making a booking:

You will need to make a booking each time you want to use the system by calling UAPS at 492-5252

Information required:

  • your name
  • the building and exact room location(s)
  • telephone number(s) in the room(s)
  • estimated time of departure

Other information:

  • emergency contact name and telephone number (this is optional)
    (if you go missing, they will call this person)
  • would you like UAPS to contact you during your work period?
    a) by telephone or
    b) with a visit from an officer

How it might work:

  1. a) You arrive and phone in a booking to UAPS. You do not request any contact during your work period. You leave at about the time you planned. Booking expires normally.
  2. b) You make a booking with campus security and request a telephone call during your work period. Later they call you, everything is going fine and you leave at the time you planned. Booking expires normally.
  3. c) As in (b) but you do not respond when they phone the number you supplied. UAPS will come to the building and look for you in all the rooms you had listed. If they cannot locate you, they will get in touch with the emergency contact person.
  4. d) As in (b) but you decide to go to the Power Plant with your friends. You call UAPS and inform them that you are leaving early and there is no need to report this to your supervisor. The booking is canceled and you are off to the Power Plant.
FAQ: Q. I plan or stealing the projection TV system from room CW313. I will be doing this late at night and will be by myself. Should I use the Lone Worker service?
A. Most definitely. Your security is of prime concern and also, the follow up theft investigation will go a lot quicker if you avail yourself of the service.