Equipment Available in the MBSU

Equipment Model Fee to use Manual
Sanger DNA Sequencer ABI 3730 Variable-see Services N/A

Next Generation DNA Sequencer 

ABI Ion Torrent

Variable-See Services 


Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler 96
N/C Download (PDF, 516kb)
Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler 384 N/C Download (PDF, 428kb)
SpeedVac Savant SC110A N/C N/A
Spectrophotometer NanoDrop ND-1000 N/C Download (PDF, 2.8/mb)
Plate Reader Molecular Devices ThermoMax N/C Download (PDF, 4.8mb)
Liquid Handeling Robot BioMek 3000 Variable-contact staff for information N/A

Liquid Handeling Robot 

BioMek FX

Variable-contract staff for information 


Computer Workstations Genotyping/Sequence Analysis
Incubator Jeio Tech IB-450M N/C Download (PDF, 1.6mb)
Shaking Incubator Inova 4000 N/C Download (PDF, 621kb)
Shaking Incubator Jeio Tech SI-600 (Cooled) N/C Download (PDF, 2.4mb)
Centrifuge Eppendorf 5810 N/C Download (PDF, 459kb)

Centrifuge Eppendorf 5415 N/C Download (PDF, 379kb)

Electroporator Bio Rad GenePulser II N/C
Use of Machines Details (PDF, 11kb)