Biological Sciences

Economy Sequencing Service

The MBSU is pleased to Announce: 

The Lowest Priced DNA Sequencing Service in the Province.

  • $4.75 per sample

The new "economy" sequencing service differs from our "standard" service type in that there is no purchase of BigDye necessary, no cycle sequencing PCR, or precipitation of reactions in your lab. Your students, technical staff and equipment are free for other tasks.

  • Please be sure to indicate "economy" service type on your requisition form and to supply your sample premixed with template and primer together in one tube at the designated concentrations (see requirements) (PDF, 72kb) and we do the rest!  

Data files from samples received before 8 am will be available on the next business day.

  • To use this new service and all of our sequencing services download our on-line submission form here (XLS, 52kb)