Biological Sciences

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Molecular Biology Service Unit (MBSU) now offers Department of Biological Sciences clients the ability to order Oligonucleotides online through our DNA synthesis partner Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT). Selecting the link below will take you to the MBSU's portal site at IDT where you may order oligonucleotides online for free delivery to the MBSU (5-047 CCIS). Your order will be usually be delivered within three days of our site administrator (Troy Locke) approving it. We will contact you when your order arrives. You will need to enter a valid University speed code for the payment of your order. Once synthesized and shipped quality control information will be available through your user profile which you may view through our portal site. This includes Mass Spectra on each oligo synthesized Currently, standard oligonucleotides at 25 nmol quantities are $0.23 per base (CDN) and there are NO SHIPPING charges. Other quantities are available with pricing information available at the portal site. NOTE: When setting up your user profile, DO NOT attempt to change Shipping and Billing information. All IDT products are shipped at no cost to the MBSU and as the Portal Administator, we handle ALL billing via the University of Alberta Peoplesoft system. 

Contacts: Troy Locke - Portal Administrator: 492-1066