Biological Sciences

Sanger DNA Sequencing Services

As budgets get tighter and research dollars need to be stretched further the MBSU is pleased to announce a NEW Sanger DNA sequencing service and a reduced fee structure

Electronic Sample Submission Form for all Services (XLS, 52kb)

Global Pricing
  • Sanger Sequencing will be available at a reduced cost to ALL of our clients 
NEW Economy DNA Sequencing $4.75/sample
  • This is a new service offered at a very budget friendly price.  Economy sequencing differs from our standard service in that there is no purchase of BigDye necessary, no cycle sequencing PCR, or precipitation of reactions in your lab.  Your students, technical staff and equipment are free for other tasks
  • With this service you provide the DNA template and primer pre-mixed in the same tube at recommended amounts  (see requirements) (PDF, 72kb) and we do the rest.  Data files from samples received before 8 am will be available the next day
  • There are no "redo's" with this service
Standard DNA Sequencing $3.15/sample
  • This is the service with which you are the most familiar, you do the reactions in your lab and we run the samples on the 3730
  • BigDye Terminator v3.1 is still available at the MBSU
  • What is new is that this price will now apply to ALL facility users, not just those from within the Department of Biological Sciences.
Full Service DNA Sequencing $14.00 per reaction
  • Our full service DNA sequencing has not changed except that the price has been reduced.
  • Boutique sequencing is ideal for clients with little or no molecular biology experience.  Or for those who need assistance troubleshooting difficult templates.