Announcing a volume of selected works by Vsevolod Holubnychy

12 January 2021


Announcing a volume of selected works (Вибрані праці) by Vsevolod Holubnychy (1928-1977), compiled by Nataliia Suprun and Olena Klishova. CIUS issued a grant in support of the publication and supported earlier the research work of Olena Klishova.

Vsevolod Holubnychy emigrated to the US in the post WWII period, where he completed his studies and became an economist. From 1951 he lived in New York City where he attended Columbia University, and was a professor at the City University of New York from 1962 until his death in 1977. Holubnychy was a specialist in Soviet economies, focusing much of his research on Soviet Ukraine. He wrote many articles for the "Entsyklopediia ukrainoznavstva" and "Ukraine: A Concise Encyclopedia." The CIUS published a selection of his writings as "Soviet Regional Economies: Selected Works of Vsevolod Holubnychy," in 1982.

The photos of Holubnychy are from the University of Alberta Archives.

One can write to Dr. Natalia Suprun in Kyiv for more information: