Bukowsky Research Grant for the Study of Sustainable Development

9 February 2022


The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies invites applications for the inaugural Bukowsky Research Grant in support of research that addresses key principles of sustainable development in Ukraine.  

According to a definition of the concept, sustainable development pursues the goal of long-term stability of the economy and environment that is attainable by acknowledging and integrating economic, environmental, and social concerns throughout decision-making processes. Applicants whose work focuses on sustainable economic prosperity, cultural awareness and social justice, and environmental integrity and health in Ukraine are encouraged to apply. Applicants should outline how their research reflects the goals and principles of sustainable development as outlined in UN Resolution A/RES/70/1.

This grant is made possible by funding from CIUS’s Ihor Roman Bukowsky Sustainable Development Endowment Fund. 


Priority will be given to scholars and graduate-level students whose work is dedicated to developing a better understanding of critical scientific and social issues in sustainable development in Ukraine. Applicants from any country may apply. Applications within appropriate disciplines (e.g., in the social, natural, engineering, or health sciences) should include a description (in English, French, or Ukrainian) of the project (up to 750 words) and a CV (containing weblinks to any publications or research outcomes). Two letters of reference from scholars who know the work of the applicant and are specialists in the relevant area should be sent to ciusappl@ualberta.ca.

Value: C$2,000

Grants offered this cycle: Two

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2022