Book Release - Eighteenth-Century Ukraine: New Perspectives on Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History

Eighteenth-Century Ukraine: New Perspectives on Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History

Edited by Zenon E. Kohut, Volodymyr Sklokin, and Frank E. Sysyn with Larysa Bilous


The Cossack revolution of 1648 redrew the map of Eastern Europe and established a new social and political order that endured until the early nineteenth century, with the full integration of Ukraine into imperial states. It was an era when Ukrainian Cossack statehood was established, when a country called Ukraine appeared for the first time on European maps, and new, diverse identities emerged.

Eighteenth-Century Ukraine provides an innovative reassessment of this crucial period in Ukrainian history and reflects new developments in the study of eighteenth-century Ukrainian history. Written by a team of primarily Ukrainian historians, the volume covers a wide range of topics: social history, demographics, history of medicine, religious culture, education, symbolic geography, the transformation of collective identities, and political and historical thought. Special attention is paid to Ukrainian-Russian relations in the context of eighteenth-century Russian imperial unification.

Eighteenth-Century Ukraine is the most comprehensive guide to new visions of early-modern Ukrainian history.


"Eighteenth-Century Ukraine offers an eye-opening reading experience – the scholarship and methodological mastery exhibited by contributors to better explain the intricate pathways of Ukraine’s national modernity are outstanding. Using less-explored angles and innovative perspectives, this volume advances the ongoing historiographical turn towards social and cultural history, while strengthening existing trends in military, political, religious, and intellectual histories of Ukraine.”

- Andrey V. Ivanov, University of Wisconsin–Platteville and author of A Spiritual Revolution: The Impact of the Reformation and Enlightenment in Orthodox Russia


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