Virtual DUSS Scholars / Writers-in-Residence Program

The University of Alberta’s DUSS (Disrupted Ukrainian Scholars and Students) Initiative is launching its virtual residence program and welcoming applications from Ukrainian scholars and writers. The program is meant to support up to six Ukrainian scholars and/or writers in their current locations in Ukraine. The DUSS Initiative, jointly with other UAlberta’s teams and institutions, will provide successful applicants with $2,000 CDN honoraria to support their work and assist them in establishing scholarly or artistic connections with the UAlberta community.


Application procedure:

To apply, candidates should submit the following documents:

  • a detailed résumé/CV,
  • a statement of interest in the virtual DUSS residency detailing the proposed research /creative project (1-2 pages long),
  • a writing sample of their scholarly or literary work, either published or in progress.

All documentation must be submitted in a single PDF file. All the materials must be prepared in English; the writing samples must be submitted in English or Ukrainian, preferably with an English translation or summary where available.



  • Virtual DUSS scholars must be established academics with the highest degree in their field, proven record of research work, and ongoing affiliation with one of Ukraine’s higher educational institutions. Early career scholars or PhD students at the later stages of their programs can also be considered in cases of exceptional scholarly achievements.
  • Virtual DUSS writers-in-residence must be the authors of at least one fiction or non-fiction work published as a separate book in the Ukrainian language or on a Ukraine-related subject within the last five years. Acceptable genres include (but are not limited to) novels, short prose, poetry, drama, children’s literature, multimedia, graphic novels, creative non-fiction, essays, social and political journalism, etc.
  • All candidates must be citizens of Ukraine with primary residence in Ukraine as of 02/24/2022.
  • Proficiency in English is an important prerequisite for a successful application.



  • The duration of a virtual scholarly visit / writer-in-residence appointment is 1 semester (September-December 2023); if needed, the appointment may be deferred to January-May 2024.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to engage with the UAlberta scholarly and creative community, promote their work to Canadian and international audiences, and foster academic and cultural connections between Ukrainian and Canadian institutions.
  • Such engagements may include:
    • For scholars: at least two conference presentations or public talks over the term of the appointment; possible alternative or additional engagements include: participation in roundtable discussions, guest speaking engagements, meetings with students or student organizations, and/or hosting online sessions with connected departments at UAlberta and in Ukraine.
    • For writers: at least two public talks or readings (in Ukrainian or English); possible alternative or additional engagements include: participation in a creative writing course as a guest speaker; (co-)hosting writing workshops, meetings with students or student organizations, hosting online sessions with connected departments at UAlberta and in Ukraine


Adjudication timeline:

Application deadline: Aug 31, 2023
Adjudication date: Sep 21, 2023
Start date: Oct 1, 2023

Total budget: $2,000 CDN/scholar

Donors and stakeholders: