CIUS hosts Dr. Alexander Vindman in Edmonton

On 7 March 2023 at CIUS's Annual Shevchenko Lecture, Dr. Alexander Vindman spoke at the University of Alberta to a room of 500 faculty, staff, students, and community members about the geopolitics of the Russo-Ukrainian war, highlighting the impact of this war on US-Russia relations and how Ukraine has changed the way it is seen and valued by countries and international stakeholders around the world.

Dr. Vindman's lecture, entitled The Russia-Ukraine war: Roots and geopolitical context, is now available to watch on CIUS's YouTube channel.


In addition to this public lecture, co-sponsored by CIUS and the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Edmonton, Dr. Vindman was shown around the city of Edmonton, Kalyna Country, the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, and especially the University of Alberta campus, where he met students in Dr. Ostap Kushnir's political science class titled Ukraine, identity, war.

"Interaction with Dr. Vindman enriched students' learning experience as they could directly speak to the person whose views and articles we discuss during the class," said Dr. Kushnir. "Also, Dr. Vindman shared unique insights that the students would never know otherwise." 

Lubomyr Markevych, Ukr Canadian Profession and Business Assn. of Edmonton,  Jaroslav Balan, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies  Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, Director, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies  Alexander Vindman  Gen Paul Wynnyk (Ret), Deputy Minister of Health, Alberta Government  Alann Nazarevich, Ukr Canadian Profession and Business Assn. of Edmonton
An interview with CTV Edmonton's Morning Live
Visiting a UAlberta undergraduate class
Visiting one of many historical Ukrainian churches in Kalyna Country