Preparation for Multiple Mini Interviews

What are Multiple Mini Interviews?

Many programs, particularly those in health-related fields, use Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for admission into their programs. MMIs are thought to better handle the biases of interviewers, more accurately predict academic performance, and assess non-cognitive skills like interpersonal skills, professionalism, critical thinking and ethical decision making. Candidates rotate through a circuit of stations where they are asked a question or posed a scenario. Interviewees are given a short time to prepare before delivering their response. Interviewers remain at the same station assessing the same question or scenario.

Our MMI Days

We simulate the MMI environment as closely as possible and tailor the questions and scenarios based on the field. You will have the choice of 4 different time slots throughout the day.

After participating in an MMI Day, you will receive both verbal and written feedback to help improve your interview performance.

Upcoming MMIs (Virtual)

Medical MMI Day
Saturday, January 30, 2021
Registration opens January 11, 2021

Physical Therapy MMI Day 
Saturday, March 20, 2021
Registration Opens March 1, 2021

Instructions for registering:
  1. Go to campusBRIDGE and log in. If needed, check out this quick video on setting up an account in campusBRIDGE
  2. Go to the Career Centre Events & Workshop calendar
  3. Search for the MMI Day and time slot during that day you would like to register in

Note: registration opens for the PT MMI on March 1st at 8:00 a.m.


  • $60/current students in ALES (specific to Veterinary Medicine MMI Day)
  • $75/students and recent graduates (within the last eight months)
  • $150/others

Please ensure your availability prior to registering for an MMI Day as refunds will not be offered.



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