How Industrial Chemists can get Involved

CHEM 300 introduces junior undergraduate students to industrial chemistry.  More importantly CHEM 300 is meant to be a conduit between undergraduate students and practicing chemists.  There are a variety of ways that practicing chemists can be involved in and contribute to the course:

  1. Present a seminar about your industry, your career in chemistry, or about what it takes to be a professional chemist.  Seminars would be presented during the normal class time (4:00-5:00 pm Monday at U. Alberta).  These seminars would be open to faculty, graduate students and undergraduates not enrolled in CHEM 300.  There will be 2-3 seminars each fall.
  2. Organize a tour of your company and labs.  Ideally the tour would be during normal class time (4:00-5:00 Mondays), but might be at other times subject to the students' class schedule.
  3. Volunteer to talk to 1-2 students about your industry and career experiences.  These informal informational interviews can be scheduled at any time during the term - whatever is convenient for you and the students.
  4. Suggest a webinar or video link that can introduce the CHEM 300 students to industrial chemistry, chemistry careers, and career skills.  Ideal videos would be under 15 minutes, and open source.  Some example videos are:
Chemistry Industry
Chemistry Careers and Career Skills

If you are interested in participating in CHEM 300 in any of these ways, please contact Professor Michael Serpe.